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Time Left To Apply to Become a Community Speaker

We have the great privilege of presenting four keynote speakers throughout the conference, all of whom are business owners excelling in their field, and chosen for the impact of their topics and the strength of their voice. But we’re also excited to discover YOU – your talent, your passion, your journey, and all you have to share with the community.

We have 3 (20 minute) speaker slots available, for which we welcome submissions from wedding suppliers of every category.

If you have something to say, we want to hear it!

Anyone who is both 1) a wedding supplier and 2) has never been paid for a speaking engagement before is welcome to apply. As we’re trying to give previously untapped talent an opportunity to speak, we are not accepting applications from those with paid public speaking experience.

What is the Application Process?

To apply to become a community speaker all you need to do is complete the below form and submit a 5-10 minute mini version of your proposed talk via video. The video doesn’t need to be fancy, a recording on your mobile with you speaking to the camera is fine. This video will give us a good idea of your talk, your presentation skills and the value you could bring to the Jelly Bean attendees.

If you are selected as one of our 3 community speakers, you will be given a free ticket to Jelly Bean 2018. If you have already purchased a ticket, you will be refunded the full amount.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 16th September 2018.

We're looking for wedding suppliers with a strong business tip and/or an inspirational story to share

What criteria will your entry be judged on?

Topic Choice

We'll be looking for topics that stand to provide the most value to all of our attendees. So ensure your topic will be relevant to all category of wedding suppliers. We'd also recommend not speaking on a topic too close to our keynote speakers' topics, as we're looking for diversity in the talks to add the maximum value to the attendees.

Educational Value

Whether it be business tips or inspiration, Jelly Bean is all about providing educational value that will help the attendees take their businesses to the next level. While preparing your talk, think about the specific actions and take aways the attendees will leave with after hearing your talk. What is the key benefits to them?

Presentation Skills

How you present will directly effect the impact your talk has on the attendees and how much they take away with them. We will be looking for people who can communicate in a clear and energetic way to add maximum value for our attendees.

Apply to become a community speaker

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