Meet Jelly Bean's 2018 'Fun'tastic Speakers

Who is Lina Orsino-Allen?

After a varied ten year career in the theatre industry which saw her direct her own theatre company, produce theatre shows at London venues and manage actors; Lina switched her artistic eye from the stage to behind the camera with her partner Tom.

Fast forward nine years and a wedding of their own, and Lina & Tom are currently highly sought after UK and Destination wedding photographers, known for their moment-driven approach. Over the years Lina has given seminars on photography and social media marketing, including for the WI, and has regularly been called upon to give opinion on BBC Radio regarding wedding trends and photography.

Most recently, Lina has spoken on branding and finding your ideal client at WEDx, as well as in Croatia for the prestigious Fearless Photographers Europe Conference.

Lina has multiple Fearless Photographer and Masters of Wedding Photography Awards, as well as the duo winning the Photographer of the Year award at the 2016 and 2017 Four Counties Wedding Awards.

What will Lina be sharing with us at Jelly Bean 2018?

Lina will provide invaluable insight into why nailing your brand will give you your ideal client. It takes a leap of faith, but once you start chasing the clients you really want and say no to those that don’t fit the bill, you’ll love every day on the job.

She’ll also remind us why weddings truly matter when you have worked so many already, so working with the ideal client is extra important in a saturated industry.

Who is Lee Smith?

Lee is a highly successful business owner, Magician, Success and Confidence Expert, Trade Show & Corporate Trainer & Speaker and acclaimed Author.

You’ve read books and heard speeches about how to sell, how to network, how to develop your business. They’re all pretty good – the principles of success stay the same, no matter what size or type of business. But don’t you want to hear something new?

Lee Smith has developed innovative techniques for impact networking and solution selling. He knows how to make sure he (and you) (and your business) will always be remembered. He has unconventional approaches to increasing your workload, eliminating negativity and dominating your market. Lee’s own business has grown exponentially. He now provides motivational coaching to industry leaders, giving them clear-cut solutions on how to achieve unprecedented results.

What will Lee be sharing with us at Jelly Bean 2018?

As a World-Class Magician and Motivational Speaker, Lee uncovers the secrets of impact networking and the power of collaborating with others in your industry. Lee’s belief of Collaboration Over Competition has revolutionised his business and he’ll be sharing ways in how it can have the same impact for you.

Lee with be sharing from his own experience on how collaboration has impacted his own business as a magician and share steps you can start trying out on the day. He’ll also introduce us to his famous ‘Buddy Up System’.

Who is Nova Reid?

Nova Reid is a diversity campaigner and founder of multi-award winning wedding blog Nu Bride.

Nova is booked as a regular inspirational speaker and educator, is a regular expert for mainstream media including the BBC and recently featured in a documentary about race with Sky News.

Nova is also a qualified NLP Practitioner specialising in mental wellbeing, with over 10 years extensive experience in mental health, working with clients across many sectors; including creative industries, education, and notably with organisations such as MIND charity and is a regular mentor at the Women of The World Festival.

She is a real advocate for equality and is passionate about working with clients and organisations holistically to encourage and inspire authentic change.

What will Nova be sharing with us at Jelly Bean 2018?

Diversity – More than just tokenism: This straight-talking keynote session will discuss why diversity is so vital in business now more than ever, the challenges businesses face and how to overcome them.

Who is Nadine Van Biljon?

In a few short years, Nadine van Biljon had become an international, award-winning wedding photographer known for her vibrant, emotive and playful photography as well as her ninja sales skills which she developed over a 15 year career in the corporate world.

She is a sought after speaker for her unique insight on winning business and increasing profitable revenue through a more consultative approach to selling, akin to giving a warm, hearty hug to her clients.

Her achievements in this field means she now mentors other photographers keen to learn her ninja ways to help grow their own businesses.

What will Nadine be sharing with us at Jelly Bean 2018?

Selling is pretty fundamental to running a successful and profitable business but many people feel uncomfortable with it. Its often seen as a dirty word, mostly by people who’ve experienced it being done to them, and badly, or because they fear they aren’t born with the gift of the gab to pull it off credibly. But unless we’re happy to embrace the starving artist concept (Nadine’s not – she has children with a demanding social life to support) then we need to embrace it, own it, and believe it benefits not just us, but primarily the clients we serve.

Nadine will share with you the impact a change in mindset and a clearly defined sales process can make to your relationships with your clients and your bank balance. Nadine earned her Sales Ninja title by stealthily making good money from selling and up-selling photography products and services using the very technique I’ll be sharing with you, but the same approach applies whatever you want people to buy or do. We need to make money out of this passion we call work and do it by creating real value for our clients and Nadine is excited to share with you how she does it.